Ep 112 – By His Own Hand, the Best-Worst Mormon Scripture

On this episode, we air a presentation given for Seattle Atheists all about Mormon scripture. It’s long, but good. Enjoy!

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Hey everybody, this episode is a bit of a break from our regular programming. What you’re about to listen to is a talk I gave for Seattle Atheists titled By his own Hand, the Best-Worst Mormon Scripture. I go through 4 scriptures from Joseph Smith and poll the crowd to see which they think is, indeed, the best-worst Mormon scripture. It’s a long one. The presentation itself ran an hour and there was another 45 minutes of Q&A after that, but I’m choosing to air it all in one episode to keep the context intact. A couple points before we get to it, it wasn’t a typical lecture, it was a very intimate setting and I fielded a few questions as the presentation went along. Those questions aren’t micd, and I offer my sincere apologies for that fact because it makes for terrible audio. I tried to boost the audio for some of the questions during the presentation, but most are simply too quiet to hear. Based on the answers alone you should be able to understand the focus of the questions, even if you can’t hear them. I’ve cut out most of the empty silence because it makes it more listenable. Once the presentation gets into the Q&A portion, most of those questions are micd, but some aren’t, some are only micd for a portion of the question. Hopefully it’s not too hard to listen to and I’m sorry to all those audiophiles out there who will probably be terribly annoyed by the audio this week. Of course I want to thank George and the entire Seattle Atheists group for organizing the event, I had a really good time.

One last thing before we get to the audio of the presentation, Sunstone Symposium Salt Lake City is coming up July 25th-28th.

Be sure to listen in to the end of the episode for your chance for a free ticket to Sunstone and for the winner of last week’s free ticket.

That’s it for the presentation, thanks for sticking around to the end. Last week I told you all that I have a free ticket to Sunstone to give away, all you had to do to get that ticket was send an email to nakedmormonism@gmail.com. Well, quite a few people got in touch asking if they could have the ticket and I’m afraid I didn’t have the heart to say no to anybody. So, in order to answer all of the people who asked for a free ticket, I’ve crafted a solution. For every new patron until Sunstone, I’ll give away a ticket to Sunstone. Think of it as a scholarship program for Sunstone. People who can afford to support the show will be funding people attending Sunstone who can’t afford to purchase a ticket. So, we have new patrons Kent, Rob, Devin, and Walker who have funded Kent, Catherine, Greg, and Nick’s Sunstone tickets through this new Sunstone scholarship program I’ve arbitrarily dreamt up. So, thank you to everybody for their new pledges and for helping out our fellow NaMo community in getting to this awesome annual conference. If want to attend Sunstone and haven’t picked up your ticket for whatever reason, or if you want to help get somebody to Sunstone who otherwise wouldn’t be able to go, you can get in touch with me at nakedmormonism@gmail.com and sign up to support the show at patreon.com/nakedmormonism.

Just a quick window into what you can expect for the next couple weeks. It’s really busy over here at ground gnomes studios. I don’t live in Utah so every trip that I do make to Utah has to be filled to brimming with events and public appearances. So, I have a podcast interview with Blake on July 25th, the live show at squatters on the 27th, the sunstone presentation on the 28th and a presentation on the latest research of the Smith-entheogen theory on the 29th all before I head South to spend time with family and meet my brand new niece for the week after Sunstone, all while episodes of the Glass Box Podcast are dropping every two weeks and patreon episodes for this show are hitting every Monday. Needless to say, it’s a bit chaotic over here with so much prep work for the incredibly busy upcoming week of Sunstone. So, the main podcast won’t be as carefully researched and calculated as usual, but I still intend to entertain you for the next two weeks while this chaos runs its course. Please hang in there and we’ll get back to our regular-scheduled programming in early August. You know what they say…. Aint no rest for the wicked. As always, thank you for listening…

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