Ep 60 – CC Smith Entheogen Theory pt2

On this episode, we continue our conversation with Cody Noconi from the Psilly Rabbits podcast about the Smith-entheogen theory. We cover the second half of the paper to be presented at Sunstone Symposium which deconstructs entheogen use through Joseph Smith’s early years and into Mormonism. The amount Smith had practiced honing dose, set, and setting finally pays off during the Kirtland Temple dedication ceremony. Public entheogen use seems to drop off sharply after this ceremony, being forced underground for many understandable reasons. We conclude with discussing possible weak points in the theory, as well as limitations, and finish with our overarching conclusion for the entire paper. We hope to see some of you at Sunstone on Saturday 29 July 2017 for the presentation, or for the live My Book of Mormon show at Squatter’s pub that same evening! If you can’t make it to either of those, consider coming to church with Marie and I at the Joseph Smith Memorial building on Sunday to stand in solidarity supporting those hurt by the bigotry forwarded by the Mormon church.


Smith-Entheogen theory

Psilly Rabbits Podcast

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Intro 7/25/17

This is part 2 of the special clean-cut edition of the Smith-entheogen theory where we invite my research partner, Cody Noconi, to join us in reading through the paper we’re presenting at Sunstone on July 29th, 2017. If you missed part 1, I would strongly recommend going back and giving it a listen as it’s a necessary primer to what we discuss in this episode.

You may have noticed that this episode is coming out on Tuesday as opposed to Thursday. 2 reasons for that. 1st, we usually air on Thursday night, but I’ll be in the middle of day 2 of the Sunstone Symposium which makes it hard to put out an episode that day so you’re getting it a couple days early. 2nd, the information in this episode is what Cody and I will be presenting on this upcoming Saturday morning, so we wanted to give ample time to consume the podcast before the presentation. In addition to that, Marie and I will be doing our live My Book of Mormon podcast from squatter’s pub on Saturday evening. We are a pattern recognizing species so we’ll be addressing this live show a couple times in today’s episode to get you guys amped up to attend the live show, and, if you can make it, the presentation. It’s a big weekend ahead of us and I’m stoked to see some of you listeners at one or both of these things we have planned for this Saturday. Let me give you some details in case you’ve missed them up to this point. Sunstone symposium is at the Olpin student union building at the University of Utah, Cody and I will be presenting at 10:15 Saturday morning, and we’ll be there for the majority of the symposium itself. Marie and Joel will also be there for most of the time. Then beginning at 7 on Saturday night, we’re setting up for the live show at Squatters on 3rd south in downtown SLC, with the actual show beginning at 8. The show is free, we just ask for a suggested $5-10 donation and that you tip the waiters generously. Doug Hofeling is nice enough to be donating the space, but we need to accommodate the wonderful staff at squatters in return for them accommodating us. Marie and I will be reading through a very exciting special selection of church literature, and keeping with tradition, there will be an associated drinking game. If you’re a patron, we can buy your first drink free.

But of course, this is not all the fun and trouble we’ll be getting into while in Utah. If you can’t make it to either Sunstone or the live show, consider coming to church with Marie and I at the Joseph Smith memorial building on Sunday at 11. Bring your red Savannah or rainbow ties or pins or wristbands, let the porn shoulders out, do anything to show support for the LGBTQ community or opposition to the church’s public bigotry. We’re going to be respectful and reverent with peaceful protest showing them that their bigotry affects more people than just active members and teenagers who commit suicide in record numbers in Utah. This is how we’re ending our patreon pledge month. We consider ourselves active in the movement of progressive Mormonism, now it’s time to actually be active by standing in solidarity for those who can’t for their own reasons. For that reason, we’ll be providing tags that say “for and in behalf of” with an empty line to write in a name so each of us in attendance can magnify our voice with who we want to represent that can’t be there to stand for themselves. If we want the church to become more progressive, firing shots at them from the outside only accomplishes so much, real change comes from the inside.

Speaking of change from within a community, let’s get into the episode to see if we can shift the minds of Mormon historians to agree with the plausibility of the Smith-entheogen theory.

Let’s take a break for just a second to hear from my cohost on MyBoM, Marie Kent, telling us about this weekend…

That does it for us today. One last time before buttoning up, we really hope to see you at the Sunstone symposium, live show, or at the JSM building for church on the following Sunday. If you missed the details at any point, you can check the facebook pages for Naked Mormonism or My Book of Mormon for the details.

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Just a heads up, next week’s episode may be a day or two later than the regular scheduled Thursday release due to everything going on this upcoming weekend. I’ll only be getting home about 30 hours before it usually releases and that’s not enough time to put a good show together. Hope that isn’t an inconvenience to anybody. That being said, let’s close it down for the evening.

Thanks, most of all, to the brilliantly admirable listeners for graciously lending me your ear.

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